It is a legal requirement In commercial premises, that the Duty Holder (usually either the owner or tenant of the premises) undertakes a  Management Survey in order to locate as far as reasonably practical the presence, extent, location and condition of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s)

This survey then forms the basis of an Asbestos Register for the property to ensure that personnel working in the property are not unknowingly exposed to Asbestos and that contractors who undertake work on or at the premises are aware of the presence of confirmed or presumed asbestos.

Due to a conflict of interest, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) do not consider it good practice for an asbestos survey company to also undertake the remediation work associated with ACM’s. Therefore, we are pleased to partner with a number of independent, reputable, UKATA accredited Asbestos Surveying and Asbestos analysis companies as part of our overall end-to-end service should you be required to undertake an Asbestos Management Survey.

If the Survey and the Register for the premises already exists, we will use it as the basis for our planning and execution of the work.

For larger demolition and refurbishment projects a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey is needed prior to undertaking any work on the premises and again we will be happy to provide you with the details of UKATA accredited survey companies as part of our overall service.

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